You know it’s cold when…

You lose a team member after a couple, because the normally bearable suit leak is too much – “My bollocks are wet, i’m done”

It’s mid Feb and you’re pleased to get back in the water to warm up, which is normally an Autumn / Early Winter phenomenon

You do an extra couple of minutes deco, just to stay in the water longer and keep away from the sleet / rain / hail

While shucking, your hands go through the 4 stages: Ok – Cold – Numb – Painful

Also while shucking, you don’t speak a single word to each other

It’s 4 hours later and your feet and hands are still cold

It’s on your mind, so you write a blog about it!


I know, massive Big Girls Blouse (probably can’t say that these days), but damn i’ve got respect for those still diving in a wetsuit!


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