Episode 1 (pilot) – Talking Local & Holiday Diving with Olly and Ryan



The first ever Dive Guernsey Podcast. Recorded at Olly’s house, in front of a open fire (sorry for the  crackling) on a hungover Sunday over a couple of wines and ciders. We aimed for 45 mins, but had to stop after 3 hours!

We talk generally about diving in the Channel Islands over the years, with a focus on scalloping. We also briefly and somewhat erratically discuss some of our favourite and  not-so-favourite holiday destinations.

Clearly a factual program, you’ll learn such things as:

  • What constitutes “Dog-Shit” diving
  • How not to react to an unruly child on a flight
  • What fun it is to watch Irish people being sick on a dive-boat
  • Why you might need a shitty stick and a second tank on a diving course

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