Episode 2 – History and Shipwrecks of Guernsey with J P Fallaize

The second Dive Guernsey podcast, recorded Weds 15th November in the Dive Bunker.

J P Fallaize is a keen local diver, with an interest in local history, with a particular focus on shipwrecks.

In this episode, we talk about the shipwrecks of Guernsey and the surrounding area. With a particular focus on the work involved with researching, finding and classifying the wrecks.

We then go on to talk generally about the diving that we do and the people that we do it with.

This is only my second podcast, so i’m very much in the early stages of learning. About 16 minutes in, i was worried about making the full 45 – next thing i knew, it was nearly midnight, and we had recorded three and a half hours! So if it’s a bit slow in the beginning, please bare with it.

For more information on the wrecks and history discussed, check out JP’s facebook pageĀ Bailiwick of Guernsey Shipwrecks

For videos of the wrecks discussed, swim over to the Dive Guernsey main site and browse through the Wreck Diving page and our Youtube Channel

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