We service, repair and test all good makes of SCUBA kit.

  • Regulator – PDI, Service and Testing
  • BCD – Service and Testing
  • Cylinder – Visual Inspection, Hydrostatic (pressure) Testing and Valve Service
  • Computer – Battery Changes
  • Drysuit – Repair and Alteration – Neck and Wrist Seals, Zips, Boots and Cargo Pockets ect

Our Technician is ASSET  qualified as a General Technician, Cylinder Tester and Nitrox Technician. ASSET  is the HSE preferred provider of technical training within the diving industry.




We also have factory certification from the following manufacturers:

*Dive Guernsey is the only Mares approved service provider in Guernsey as part of the Mares Lab accreditation. This means we are the only center with access to the information and spares for Mares products.